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The user manual provides instructions on all key processes of this website.  In case the website appears slow, opening it in a different browser could be of help.

on EudraCT number, CTA, results, primary user's assignment errors, third country trials, change of sponsorship and trials not found on EudraCT/CTR


See Frequently Asked Questions

when filling in the Results full data set

Look for your error/warning in the validation rules and refer to the “rule description”. Or CONTACT US, and attach the XML file in your request (click on “download XML” at the top right corner of your trial results’ page)


such as a forgotten username/password or deactivated account

Refer to EMA Account Management


via Service Now

Log in to EMA Service Now, adding the extension to your EMA username. For non-registered users: create an EMA account. Once logged in, click on “Applications” and then select “EudraCT” among the Applications topics.


EudraCT user manual

Registering a trial and updating its information
EudraCT number, CTA & Login for posting results
CTA & results documentation
Tutorials on posting results
Frequently asked questions
National competent authorities
Statistics and technical documentation
EU Clinical Trials Register
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