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An error has been identified in the software used to load summaries of results into the EU Clinical Trial Register. The problem may affect a subset of results which have been processed outside of the system and reloaded to it. As a consequence, the summary results of clinical trials which have been entered into EudraCT and made public in the EU CTR have been removed from the public domain while they are reviewed and before being returned to the public view. In addition the access for sponsors to enter results or edit existing results has been blocked (and no new accounts are being issued) whilst the underlying software error that gave rise to the problem is resolved. As a consequence if you search for results, you will see the text “Trial results: Removed from public view” in the clinical trial summary. This incident does not affect the “Paediatric studies in scope of Art45 of the Paediatric Regulation”.

Welcome to the community clinical trial public home page

The European Medicines Agency has launched a new version of the European Clinical Trials Database (EudraCT). This new version, EudraCT V10, marks the final step of a process through which summary clinical trial results will be made publicly available through the EU Clinical Trials Register (EU CTR).

Sponsors’ representatives are recommended to register with EudraCT in order to become results users and before they can log into EudraCT. The registration process is described in the help and is accessed on the login page.

What's New

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Eudra CT statistics for June are now available and can be viewed here.


Eudra CT statistics for April and May are now available and can be viewed here.


Release Notes for EudraCT Version is now available and can be viewed here.


Eudra CT statistics for March are now available and can be viewed here.


Eudra CT statistics for February are now available and can be viewed here.


Eudra CT statistics for January are now available and can be viewed here. Statistics for 2014 are now archived in a zip file and can also be found here