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Welcome to the community clinical trial public home page

The European Medicines Agency has launched a new version of the European Clinical Trials Database (EudraCT). This new version, EudraCT V9, marks the initial step of a process through which summary clinical trial results will be made publicly available through the EU Clinical Trials Register (EU CTR).

Sponsors’ representatives are recommended to register with EudraCT in order to become results users and before they can log into EudraCT. The registration process is described in the help and is accessed on the login page.

EudraCT version 9 includes, and allows the following:

Create a EudraCT number

Before any functionality of EudraCT can be used for a given clinical trial, a EudraCT number must be created in order to provide a unique reference for that trial.

Protocol-related information

Sponsors can:

  • Create, save XML/PDF files of clinical trial applications locally.
  • Load locally saved clinical trial applications to complete, validate, compare, or to prepare a package for submission to a National Competent Authority.

PIP addressees can:

  • Create, save XML/PDF files of third country files locally.
  • Create and post third country files to the EudraCT database.
  • Load locally saved third country files to complete, validate or post to the EudraCT database. To post third country files you will need to be registered as a PIP addressee and log in. Contact:

Result-related information

  • To use result related functionality you need to be registered as a results user, and logged in.

Results users can:

  • Create, update, validate and post result data sets, and load summary attachments to the EudraCT database.
  • Save locally XML/PDF files of result data sets.
  • Upload XML files.

What's New


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